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Supplementing calcium deficiencies is extremely important in our diet. Thanks to this mineral, we have healthy bones and muscles, beautiful teeth, restful sleep and we are more resistant to stress, which is part of everyday life almost every day. Many people wonder how to get it in a vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian diet. Primavena's oat milk with calcium contains the best of oat grains, enriched with this precious mineral.
It is an ecological, plant-based product that most closely resembles animal milk in consistency and taste. It does not contain added sugars and thickeners and is produced only on the basis of natural ingredients obtained from organic farming.

In the kitchen, it will be perfect as an addition to vegan vegan coffee, desserts and diet dishes. It foams great, is low in calories, low in fat and high in protein.
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Certyfikat Ekologiczny, Rolnictwo Ekologiczne, Ekogwarancja
Produkt nie zawiera konserwantów, GMO, laktozy, cholesterolu, drożdży, jajek, nabiału, oleju palmowego, tłuszczy trans (utwardzanych)
Smak naturalny
Pojemność 1000ml
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