Porridges and groats are ideal for children. They can be the base of both savoury dishes or desserts, and can be added to soups, making them delicious and filling. A lot of parents have concerns, because porridges are cereals, and cereals mean gluten. Although the introduction of gluten requires observation and care, it should definitely not be vilified before it is given to a child. Which porridge types are the best to start you baby's adventure with gluten?

First cereal products for babies - which ones to choose?

Cereals are a source of numerous valuable nutrients, including fibre, which is responsible for proper digestion, by stimulating bowel peristalsis, and numerous valuable vitamins, especially B vitamins, responsible for, e.g., the proper function of the nervous system, production of red blood cells, and good condition of skin and mucous tissues. They also contain valuable minerals, such as magnesium, iron, or selenium, which support the maintenance of good state of health. They are indispensable both in children's
and adults’ diets.


Porridges are the best and most readily absorbable form of cereals for children. Which porridge type to choose? In the beginning of introducing gluten to your child's diet, it is best to reach for classic farina porridge or spelt porridge for children.


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Good gluten for your child -  spelt porridge

Gluten can be found in such cereals as wheat, spelt, rye, barley and oats. Wheat and wheat products are characterised by the highest gluten content. However, you may begin introducing gluten to your baby’s diet with spelt porridge, which contains a bit less gluten, and at the same time has a multitude of nutrients, thanks to which you can serve to your child a tasty and wholesome meal.



Keep in mind that ...

Avoiding food which might potentially cause allergies in your child's diet is a frequent mistake. If something is to become allergenic, it surely will, notwithstanding the age in which we introduce a given type of product to our child’s diet. That is why it is necessary to introduce all products to your child’s diet gradually, according to the one-at-a-time rule, at the same time observing you child's reactions, and intervening only if disturbing symptoms occur.


Farina porridge as gluten for your child.

Once your child is introduced to gluten, you can prepare other types of porridge to add some variety, for example farina porridge made of wheat, containing large quantities of gluten. If gluten is to cause an allergic reaction, it will happen after your child eats any type of cereals containing gluten. If there has been no allergic reaction after eating spelt porridge, farina porridge should be safe for such children. Farina porridge is fine-grained, and at the same time very filling. Its mild taste easily blends with other flavours, so it can be enriched with fruit or vegetables.

What are the advantages of our spelt porridge?

They are low-processed, so they contain more fibre and nutrients than other wheat products.


Spelt strengthens our immune system, supports the build-up of muscle tissue, regenerates our bodies and displays an anti-inflammatory action.



The porridge is characterised by reduced gluten content, but is rich in numerous minerals, such as copper, phosphorus and iron, and vitamins A, E, PP, and D.


It is perfect for both savoury dishes and desserts. The fine-grained form is easily absorbable by children.

     The rough milling allows the retention of more nutritional properties of cereals.


The porridge is delicious, naturally delicate, sweet and slightly nutty, and most of all, it are easily digestible.



It supports proper metabolism.


It is fit for six-month-old children!


Spelt porridge as the first gluten for you baby?

Definitely yes! It is always worth reaching for products which are most valuable to your child and are processed in the least extent possible. When it comes to gluten products for children, spelt porridge will be a perfect choice, and served alternately with farina porridge, it will provide an interesting, wholesome and tasty diet to every baby.