• About Naturo

Naturo Sp. z o.o. was established in 2013 in eastern Poland near Lublin. As a production plant, we have been cooperating with leading manufacturing and trade companies and retail chains selling organic food since the very beginning of our operations. We were carrying out their orders for the manufacture of goods which supported you in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle each day. Healthy sweeteners, cereal flakes, muesli, vinegars, dried vegetables and spices which have been manufactured at the Naturo plant for years, meet the expectations of customers in respect of the flavour, price and quality. The knowledge and experience which we have gained thanks to that urged us to create our own products.
   This is how we created our two brands: Dary Ogrodu and Dary Ogrodu Bio. The brands include products which can be used in our kitchens. The Dary Ogrodu brand offers products both for individual customers and HORECA sector clients.
   Our second own brand is BIOBAS. Making products for the youngest ones is quite a challenge. We have taken it on to create a brand that not only offers high-quality organic products, but also undertakes the mission of helping our children stay healthy through learning and fun.  BIOBAS brand, thanks to its visual image which appeals to children, is to provide joy not only from eating healthy food, but also as something to play with.
     We run our activities with respect to the natural environment. Because we are a manufacturing plant, we use such consumables as cardboard or paper bags to pack products sold via Naturo online store or Allegro. The recycling of packages allows us to have a ZERO WASTE policy in place. We are trying to reuse all recyclable materials rejected during the production process in our Naturo logistics and distribution centre.
   Naturo is the holder of PL-EKO-01 certification, allowing the production and packaging of organic products. The award of this certificate is based on detailed tests and thorough inspection of our production processes. Thanks to this, we are sure that all products are subject to appropriate stringent production regimes. As a responsible and reliable company, we are currently implementing the IFS certification procedure.