• Birch Tree Sap with Mint

750 ml
Cechy dodatkowe wegańskie, wegetariańskie
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Birch tree sap with mint

 Birch tree sap has its roots in folk medicine. It is acquired from birch tree trunks, leaves and buds. It has a wide range of applications due to the multitude of medicinal properties. Birch sap supports the urinary, digestive and cardiovascular systems, detoxifies the body, and greatly improves the condition of skin and hair, but most of all it strengthens our immune system. To add a little variety to birch tree sap, we have enriched it with a refreshing mint aroma, which not only has great flavour-enhancing properties, but also relieves digestive system irritation and provides a sense of refreshment. The product will not only quench your thirst, but is bound to give you many health benefits.

Birch tree sap with mint combines the power of organic products, as it is free of any preservatives or added sugar.

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