• Terms & Conditions



§1. General provisions

  1. The Seller shall provide Services in accordance with these Terms & Conditions and generally applicable laws.

  2. The online store is available at naturo.org.pl.

  3. You may contact the Seller by

    1. post: Naturo Sp. z o.o., ul. Szafranowa 6/Hala H1, 21-003 Elizówka,

    2. e-mail: sklepnaturo@naturo.org.pl, 3. phone: + 48 517949977.

  4. The Seller shall provide access to the Terms & Conditions on the Store's website and may provide access hereto in the Customer Zone or send it as an attachment to e-mails including statements on accepting Customers’ offers. At any time the Customers may gain access to these Terms & Conditions, save them, retrieve them and reproduce them by printing or saving on a data storage medium.

  5. The information given on the Store's website does not constitute Seller's quotations within the meaning of Article 66 of the Polish Civil Code, but is only an invitation to Customers to submit their offers to enter into an agreement, as referred to in Article 71 of the Civil Code.

  6. In order to use the Store, Customers should be equipped with an ICT device with Internet access, a properly configured web browser in a current or older version: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, an active JavaScript service, and an active and properly configured electronic mail account.

§2. Account registration

  1. The Customer Account Service Agreement shall be made for an indefinite term upon the Seller’s confirming the Customer Account registration.

  2. The subject-matter of the Customer Account Service is to provide access to the Customer Account panel, allowing the management of Customer data and orders.

  3. To create the Customer Account, the Customer must sign up free-of-charge and voluntarily. This may be done by filling in and sending to the Seller a registration form which is available on the Store's website.

  4. The correct completion of the registration form is conditional upon filling in all mandatory and, if possible, optional fields, with accurate, complete data and information that is relevant to the Customer concerned.

  5. Before sending in the registration form, by marking an appropriate field, the Customer should make a statement that he/she has read

these Terms & Conditions and accepts its provisions.

  1. The registration form is sent to the Seller with the use of, and via, the Store’s functionalities.

  2. The Customer Account may be used following its creation, and further upon signing in with the use of a respective login and password.

  3. It is forbidden to disclose access data to the Customer Account to third persons and to create several Customer Accounts by one Customer.

  4. The Customer may terminate the Customer Account Service Agreement without providing any reasons and at any time, using the Account’s functionalities or by sending a Customer's statement to that effect to the Seller, e.g. by e-mail or letter.

  5. The Seller may terminate the Customer Account Service Agreement without providing any reasons and at any time, subject to a 14-days’ notice period and subject to the rights acquired by the Customer prior to such termination.

§3. Basic Store functionalities

  1. The Seller allows the browsing of information published on the Store’s website via the Store. The Customer ends using the Service upon leaving the Store's website.

  2. The Seller shall provide the Customers with the access to the following basic Store functionalities:

    1. access to a contact form,

    2. access to the Product browser,

    3. Product queries,

    4. publication of reviews on Products,

    5. adding a given Product to a wish list,

    6. adding a given Product to availability notifications,

    7. access to a map.