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Dishwashers are part of standard household equipment nowadays. Their users appreciate the time and water they save, and the convenience thy provide. It is not necessary to hand-wash your dishes too often now, and it is not the most pleasant thing to do every day. The dishwasher tablets available on the market remove all dirt, and the dishes are shiny, as if it was done with a touch of a magic wand. However, the effect is often obtained due to the toxic and extremely harmful composition of the tablets. Is it possible to achieve such effect knowing that we do not do harm to ourselves or the environment at the same time?

EcoNaturo is a range of natural, certified, eco-friendly proaducts which meet the highest quality standards. EcoNaturo ecological dishwasher tablets were created by combining state-of-the art technology of ingredient mixture, which perfectly cleans and shines dishes and softens food residue, with the care for the health and safety of users and for the natural environment. They do not contain any harmful and severely polluting phosphates or phosphonates, or any unnecessary aromatic compositions, often causing allergies. They also have Viva certification which guarantees that the ingredients are plant-based, and the product has not been tested on animals, which is currently one of the main requirements put forward by vegans and vegetarians. These multifunctional tablets remove even the most difficult dirt or dregs, leaving the dishes clean and shiny. The surfactants contained in the tablets effectively remove grease and coffee or tea dregs, even in hard water and at low temperatures, and active oxygen kills viruses, fungi and bacteria. The enzymes dissolve food residue, and all this happens without any harm to the ecosystem. In addition, our EcoNaturo soda dishwasher tablets add a crystal-clear shine to dishes, soften water, prevent dishes from becoming matt and prevent limestone deposition, protect steel against corrosion and provide a fresh, long-lasting and delicate scent. In combination with rinse aid liquid and dishwasher salt from the EcoNaturo range, the tablets leave the dishes brand new, and extend the durability and life cycle of your dishwasher. It takes only one tablet per a wash cycle, even in the case of heavy dirt.

EcoNaturo dishwasher tablets are a modern option of a strong and effective product in combination with the gentleness and care for the surrounding natural environment.

Ingredients: 5-15% oxygen-based bleaching compounds, <5% non-ionic surfactants, polycarboxylates, enzymes (subtilisin, amylase).

Cechy dodatkowe bez barwników syntetycznych, bez fosforanów, neutralizuje nieprzyjemny zapach, skuteczne w niskiej temperaturze, zapobiega powstawaniu kamienia
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