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We know more and more about the adverse effects of chemistry on our bodies and the environment around us. We are also aware of the fact that an excess of chemicals in the household is conducive to disorders of the immune and nervous systems. Ecological cleaning products are the solution to these problems.
The Eco Naturo line of Ecological Cleaning Products is Ecolabel certified. In order for a given product to receive the Ecolabel certificate, its entire life cycle and its impact on the natural environment must be assessed. The following stages are subjected to rigorous testing:
- extraction/acquisition of raw materials - e.g. oil extraction, impact on forest areas, plant cultivation or animal husbandry,
- production (both product and packaging) - emission of pollutants, consumption of resources and delivery of products to consumers,
- use - consumption of energy and other raw materials necessary for the use of the product, energy efficiency,
- product end of life - impact of disposal on the environment, level of difficulty in repair and recyclability.
Producers who want to receive the EU eco-label must not use toxic or poorly degradable substances and ingredients known as: carcinogenic, fertility-impairing, infertility-inducing, considered hazardous to the environment or irritating (phosphorus, phosphate, phosphate) in their products. In addition, it is important to use only surface-active substances in the production process, i.e. 100% water-repellent. biodegradation (both in vacuum and in the presence of oxygen).
In addition, EcoNaturo cleaning products are Viva certified. Ecological symbol for products that are 100% organic. plant-based and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals at any stage of production.
Our products serve as long as traditional cleaning agents and are as effective as their traditional counterparts. In addition, the simple composition eliminates the possibility of causing allergies and irritations.
Biodegradable EcoNaturo cleaning agents are produced only from certified ingredients and meet the highest quality standards.
EcoNaturo Soap Flakes are especially recommended for children's clothes, as it is the best washing agent for children.
For conscious parents.


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