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EcoNaturo range of eco-friendly cleaning products  

EcoNaturo range of eco-friendly cleaning productswas awarded the Ecolabel certification. For a given product to obtain the Ecolabel certificate, its entire life cycle and its environmental impact must be assessed. The following stages are subject to stringent testing:

·       extraction/acquisition of raw materials-  oil extraction, impact on forest areas, plant cultivation, animal farming,

·       manufacturing (both product and packaging)- pollutant emissions, consumption of resources, and the delivery of products to consumers,

·       use- consumption of energy and other resources required for product use, energy efficiency,

·       end of product life cycle- environmental impact of disposal, level of repair difficulty and recycling potential.

The manufacturers who wish to obtain the EU Ecolabel may not use any toxic or poorly degradable materials, or any ingredients which are known to be carcinogenic, impair fertility, cause infertility, are considered hazardous to the environment or might cause irritation (phosphorus, phosphate). In addition, it is important to apply only surfactants in the production process, as they are 100% biodegradable.

EcoNaturo cleaning products also were awarded Viva certification. This ecological marking denotes products which are 100% plant-based and do not have any ingredients of animal origin, and none of their production stages involve testing on animals.

Our products last for as long as traditional cleaning agents, and are equally effective as their traditional counterparts. Moreover, simple composition eliminates the risk of allergy or irritation. 

EcoNaturo biodegradable cleaning products are made of certified ingredients and meet the most stringent quality standards. 

EcoNaturo toilet cleaner is chlorine-free and yet it performs just as well as the ones containing chlorine.  



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