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Pink Himalayan salt from Pakistan is one of the most popular salt types which is considered to be the healthiest one. It owes its beautiful pink colour to high iron content which makes it a desired product for persons with deficiency of this element.

Himalayan salt deposits were formed around 250 million years ago, when the Earth was not affected by any environmental pollution. Himalayan salt was formed through the evaporation of water from the prehistoric Tethys Ocean. Due to tectonic movements, it was hidden for millions of years only to serve our health today. The original Himalayan salt is mined with the use of traditional methods in Pakistan, in the Punjab region, subject to high safety standards. The salt is not processed or purified, which allows the retention of all minerals. We can have it today in our kitchens in the same form as it disappeared under the earth surface for millions of years, and we can use it for many other things, as the properties of the salt are truly amazing.

The original Himalayan salt from Pakistan has high content of zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, calcium and iron. Thanks to this, the consumption of Himalayan salt from Pakistan supports the function of the nervous system and brain cells, boosts our immune system, helps prevent anaemia, as well as mitigate and reduce intestinal ailments. The regular consumption of Himalayan salt will surely contribute to better nutrition.

In addition to seasoning dishes, Himalayan salt may also be applied for:
- preparing a home-made body scrub (just mix it with olive oil),
- providing support in skin and acne problems (an invigorating bath)
- supporting the respiratory system (inhalations)
- treating throat and oral cavity infections (gargle).

Finally it is worth mentioning that the use of Himalayan salt in baths might contribute to relieving stress. Himalayan salt is a real treasure. It has been called pink diamond for a reason. 
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