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Kvass is a delicious drink which is produced by way of bread fermentation process, mostly wholemeal bread. It was traditionally prepared during harvest time to quench thirst and add strength. It is mentioned in one of folk songs:

This healthy drink has been famous for ages: kvass - a slice of bread to a breast pocket and a wine skin of kvass, and the farmer is ready to go to the fields. During an extremely hot dry spell.”

Traditionally it was slightly alcoholic, but today the drink is also called “a countryside fizzy drink”, available in the non-alcoholic version.

As most products subject to fermentation processes, kvass is characterised by numerous properties which are beneficial to our health. Kvass is a natural probiotic. It is also an extensive source of B vitamins which are great for our nervous system. Kvass has high vitamin C content, as well as selenium and zinc.

Lactic acid bacteria support and regulate gut microflora, stimulating digestion and metabolism. Kvass is great for hyperacidity, flatulence and other bowel problems. By supporting bowel function, we also care about our health in general, preventing virus infections. Kvass will also strengthen our heart, and improve our body fitness. Let's not forget the beneficial effect of selenium and zinc on our nervous system. Kvass relieves tension and fosters the regeneration of our overburdened body and mind.

Kvass can be consumed on a daily basis. It may become part of a healthy snack, but is also excellent on its own.

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