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Sea buckthorn is a plant found throughout Europe and Asia. In addition to its beautiful appearance, sea buckthorn hides a real vitamin bomb. Sea buckthorn contains over 190 bioactive substances that regenerate and strengthen the body. These include a whole range of vitamins (A, E, F, K, P, B12), including a lot of vitamin C, microelements (iron, calcium, aluminum, silicon), amino acids, acids (including omega 7).
Sea buckthorn is an excellent alternative to lemon, both in terms of vitamin C content, but also because of its sour, slightly tart taste. In the period of increased risk of infection, it is an ideal complement to the body's natural immunity. Drinking sea buckthorn supports the work of the heart, strengthens and seals blood vessels, stops bleeding from the gums, prevents the appearance of bruises and regulates blood pressure. Sea buckthorn contains a lot of palmitic acid, which has a positive effect on the complexion, regenerates the epidermis, clearly improves the condition of the skin, which becomes smoother, firmer and tense. Sea buckthorn has a great effect on the hair. Thanks to its regular consumption, the hair becomes strong and shiny. Sea buckthorn is also a great source of OMEGA 7 acids, which have a great effect on the brain and improve the functioning of the nervous system.

Sea buckthorn can be a great addition to tea, as an ingredient in creams for cakes and desserts. However, it is best to drink sea buckthorn juice every day on an empty stomach. Daily use will be a great source of health.

BioNaturo Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice is 100% juice directly squeezed from fruit. Cheers !
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Pojemność 500 ml
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