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Balsamic vinegar produced from grape must, maturing in barrels for a long time, is a real delicacy among vinegars.The tradition of its production dates back at least to the times of Julius Caesar who is said to have had balsamic vinegar during the Gallic wars. The recipe for balsamic vinegar has not changed for ages. Balsamic vinegar slowly matures in five different barrels: oak, chestnut, cherry, ash and finally in a mulberry wood barrel. The change of barrels, in which vinegar matures and slowly evaporates in the Mediterranean climate, allows is excellent flavour concentration. Traditional balsamic vinegar matures in the barrels for as many as 12 years.

Balsamic vinegar was traditionally used for cleaning and disinfecting surface areas.  Today we know that balsamic vinegar may serve much better purposes, because it stimulates digestion, helps detoxify the organism, and regulate blood glucose level, i.a., through the mitigation of insulin resistance. Most recent studies confirm that polyphenols in balsamic vinegar reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.Also, they suppress LDL cholesterol oxidation, which minimises the risk of atherosclerosis.

Of course, in addition to outstanding health benefits, balsamic vinegar enriches the taste of salads, poultry dishes or red meat. Excellent flavour and great health are perfectly blended together in this product. It can be used in all types of sauces. It can be sprinkled on fish, ham, vegetables and even vanilla ice cream or strawberries.

BIO Dary Ogrodu balsamic vinegar is highest quality organic product.This balsamic vinegar is characterised by a well-balanced sweet and sour taste. It is manufactured in Modena, of course.

Cechy dodatkowe ekologiczne
Rodzaj ocet balsamiczny
Certyfikat Chronione oznaczenie geograficzne, Ekologiczny
Pojemność 5000ml
Sposób przechowywania Przechowywayć w chłodnym i suchym miejscu.
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