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Pasta made of organic spelled flour BioNaturo is especially recommended for fans of this forgotten, though returning to favour, variety of wheat. The delicate, sweet, slightly nutty taste of spelled is a great, and made from whole milling, an additionally healthy alternative to ordinary wheat. Remember that spelled is easily digestible. Pasta dishes do not have to be heavy and hard to digest. Spelled is the oldest variety of wheat cultivated since antiquity. It is practically unmodified grain. Although it was long forgotten in favor of easier-to-grow modified wheat, today we are rediscovering the enormity of its value. Although plain wheat pasta is the most commonly eaten, spelled pasta is becoming more and more popular. This is because of its extraordinary health benefits and slight taste differences. Spelled pasta contains an exceptionally high amount of protein for pasta and is very rich in fiber. Thanks to this, it is very nutritious and filling. The high content of fiber regulates the work of the intestines and reduces the absorption of cholesterol, which is beneficial for the circulatory system. It also regulates blood sugar levels, thanks to which hunger pangs and cravings for sweets do not occur. That is why spelled pasta is recommended in slimming diets.
A feature that strongly distinguishes this type of pasta is the fact that it contains rhodanite, a natural antibiotic derived from spelled grains. It stimulates the immune system to protect against any infections. We will not find it in any other type of pasta. A portion of spelled pasta will satisfy about 20% of the daily protein requirement and 30% of the fiber requirement. It will also provide B vitamins, vitamins A, E, K and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, sodium, copper and selenium. It contains the amino acids lysine and methionine, which the human body is unable to produce itself, and which are necessary for its proper functioning. Regular consumption of spelled pasta will ensure health, beautiful figure and radiant skin. It has a slightly nutty flavor and a firmer texture, which should be a nice change from plain wheat noodles. BIOnaturo wholemeal spelled pasta will be a great addition to soups, a base for a delicious pasta meal, e.g. with pesto or sauce, a salad ingredient or the basis for a filling pasta casserole.
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